There are various different 'tools' we use in our punches, blocks, kicks etc.
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Hand (Son) / Hand Parts (Sangansin)
BearfistGom Son
Fore Knuckle FistInji Joomuk
Middle Knuckle FistJoongji Joomuk
Thumb Knuckle FistUmji Joomuk
Double Finger (Scissor Finger)Doo Songarak (Gawi Sonkut)
LongfistGhin Joomuk
SpearhandPyon Sonkut
ForefistAp Joomuk
BackfistDung Joomuk
SidefistYop Joomuk
UnderfistMit Joomuk
Palm/OpenfistSonbadak/Pyung Joomuk
Reverse KnifehandSonkal Dung
ArchandBandal Son
Arm (Pal)
Upper ElbowWi Palkup
Inner ForearmAn Palmok
Outer ForearmBakat Palmok
Front ElbowAp Palkup
Back ElbowDwit Palkup
Leg (Dari)
Foot (Bal) / Foot Parts (Habansin)
Ball Of The FootAp Kumchi
Back HeelDwit Chook

This is synonymous with palm or openfist in most styles. Typically the knuckles are used to strike, rather than the palm heel.

The fingers are folded into the palm and the thumb is held to the side. The fist should be held tightly so there is no space in bewteen the palm and the fingers. The wrist should be perfectly straight as the front of the first two knuckles make contact with a target.

The hand is held as with Forefist, but the back of the first two knuckles are used to strike.

The hand is held as with Forefist, but the soft area on the little finger side of the hand is used to strike.

All fingers are held straight and flat and the heel of the palm is used to strike. Alternativly the fingers can be curled against themselves leaving the whole palm open. This is a more advanced version of the same tool.

The hand is held as with the Palm, but the fleshy area at the little finger side of hand is used.

The hand is held as with the Knifehand but the thumb is tucked tightly under the hand. The index finger side of the hand is used to strike.

The hand is shaped similar to Knifehand, but the middle finger is withdrawn slightly, so a straight edge is formed by the tips of the three fingers. This should only be used to attack soft areas of the body.

The fingers are held together and straight, as with Knifahand, but the thumb is pointed away at 90 degrees. The web of the thumb is used as the contact area.

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