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Foot: Mod: Name:
Primary Technique
Hand/Foot: Mod: Tech: Type:
Secondary Technique
Hand/Foot: Mod: Tech: Type:


  • Stance Mod: Left or Right foot, Back or Front,(Enter 'left', 'front', etc.),
  • Stance Name: Name of Stance (Omit 'Stance' from entry),
  • Pri/Sec Hand: Left or Right hand/foot (Enter 'left' or 'right',
  • Pri/Sec Mod: Reverse or Back techinique (Enter 'reverse' etc.),
  • Pri/Sec Tech: Name of technique (Not 'strike', 'punch', etc.),
  • Pri/Sec Type: Type of technique (Enter 'punch', 'kick', etc.)
Leave boxes blank if not needed.

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