Patterns (Tul)

A pattern is a set of fundamental movements (mainly defence and attack) set in a logical sequence to deal with one or more imaginary opponents. They are used as an indication of progress, help develop sparring techniques, improve flexibility, master body shifting, develop muscles, balance and breath control.

The following points should be observed when practicing patterns:

  • Patterns should begin and end on the same spot. This indicates the performers accuracy.
  • Correct posture and facing must be maintained at all times.
  • Muscles of the body should be tensed or relaxed at the proper critical moments in the exercise.
  • The exercise should be performed in a rhythmic movement with the absence of stiffness.
  • Each pattern should be accelerated or decelerated according to instructions.
  • Each pattern should be perfected before moving to the next.
  • Students should know the purpose of each movement.
  • Students should perform each movement with realism.

Grandmaster Choi created twenty-four patterns for the student of TaeKwonDo.
Click on any of the patterns below for more details.

Here I leave TaeKwonDo for mankind as a trace of man of the late 20th century.
The 24 patterns represent 24 hours, one day, or all of my life.

Grandmaster Choi Hong Hi
(November 9 1918 - June 15 2002)

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NameAssociated Grade & BeltNo Moves

ITF White Belt Exercises:

Sajo Jirugi 1 Tenth Kup (Sipkup) (White Belt)15
Sajo Jirugi 2 Tenth Kup (Sipkup) (White Belt)15

ITF Colour Belt Patterns:

Chon Ji Ninth Kup (Kookup) (White Belt, Yellow Stripe)19
Dan Gun Eighth Kup (Palkup) (Yellow Belt)21
Do San Seventh Kup (Chilkup) (Yellow Belt, Green Stripe)24
Won Hyo Sixth Kup (Yookup) (Green Belt)28
Yul Gok Fifth Kup (Ohkup) (Green Belt, Blue Stripe)38
Joong Gun Fourth Kup (Sakup) (Blue Belt)32
Toi Gye Third Kup (Samkup) (Blue Belt, Red Stripe)37
Hwa Rang Second Kup (Yikup) (Red Belt)29
Choong Moo First Kup (Ilkup) (Red Belt, Black Stripe)30

ITF Black Belt Patterns:

Kwang Gae First Dan (Chodan) (First Degree Black Belt)39
Po Eun First Dan (Chodan) (First Degree Black Belt)36
Ge Baek First Dan (Chodan) (First Degree Black Belt)44
Eui Am Second Dan (Yidan) (Second Degree Black Belt)45
Choong Jang Second Dan (Yidan) (Second Degree Black Belt)52
Ko Dang  *Second Dan (Yidan) (Second Degree Black Belt)39
Juche  *Second Dan (Yidan) (Second Degree Black Belt)45
Sam Il Third Dan (Samdan) (Third Degree Black Belt)33
Yoo Sin Third Dan (Samdan) (Third Degree Black Belt)68
Choi Yong Third Dan (Samdan) (Third Degree Black Belt)46
Yong Gae Fifth Dan (Ohdan) (Fifth Degree Black Belt)49
Ul Ji Fourth Dan (Sadan) (Fourth Degree Black Belt)42
Moon Moo Fifth Dan (Ohdan) (Fifth Degree Black Belt)61
So San Fifth Dan (Ohdan) (Fifth Degree Black Belt)72
Se Jong Fourth Dan (Sadan) (Fourth Degree Black Belt)24
Tong Il Fourth Dan (Sadan) (Fourth Degree Black Belt)56

WTF Taeguk Forms :

Il Jang (Heaven) Eighth Kup (Palkup) (Yellow Belt)18
Ee Jang (Lake) Seventh Kup (Chilkup) (Yellow Belt, Green Stripe)18
Sam Jang (Fire) Sixth Kup (Yookup) (Green Belt)20
Sa Jang (Thunder) Fifth Kup (Ohkup) (Green Belt, Blue Stripe)20
Oh Jang (Wind) Fourth Kup (Sakup) (Blue Belt)20
Yook Jang (Water) Third Kup (Samkup) (Blue Belt, Red Stripe)19
Chil Jang (Mountain) Second Kup (Yikup) (Red Belt)25
Pal Jang (Earth) First Kup (Ilkup) (Red Belt, Black Stripe)27

WTF Palgwe Forms:

Il Jang (Heaven) Eighth Kup (Palkup) (Yellow Belt)20
Ee Jang (Lake) Seventh Kup (Chilkup) (Yellow Belt, Green Stripe)20
Sam Jang (Fire) Sixth Kup (Yookup) (Green Belt)22
Sa Jang (Thunder) Fifth Kup (Ohkup) (Green Belt, Blue Stripe)24
Oh Jang (Wind) Fourth Kup (Sakup) (Blue Belt)35
Yook Jang (Water) Third Kup (Samkup) (Blue Belt, Red Stripe)19
Chil Jang (Mountain) Second Kup (Yikup) (Red Belt)23
Pal Jang (Earth) First Kup (Ilkup) (Red Belt, Black Stripe)35

WTF Black Belt Forms:

Koryo Second Dan (Yidan) (Second Degree Black Belt)30
Kumgang Third Dan (Samdan) (Third Degree Black Belt)27
Taebaek Fourth Dan (Sadan) (Fourth Degree Black Belt)26
Pyongwon Fifth Dan (Ohdan) (Fifth Degree Black Belt)21
Shipjin Sixth Dan (Yookdan) (Sixth Degree Black Belt)28
Jitae Fourth Dan (Sadan) (Fourth Degree Black Belt)28
Cheonkwon Seventh Dan (Childan) (Seventh Degree Black Belt)26
Hansoo Eighth Dan (Paldan) (Eighth Degree Black Belt)27
Ilyo Nineth Dan (Koodan) (Nineth Degree Black Belt)23

* In the 1980s Grandmaster Choi removed Ko-Dang and replaced it with Juche. This pattern was introduced as a bid by Choi to help introduce TaeKwonDo to North Korea, Juche means 'self-reliance' and is the name for the ideology employed by Kim Il-sung and since by Kim Jong-il to 'assert the state's independence'.
Some clubs follow Choi's later decision to remove Ko-Dang, as there are some techniques in Juche not covered in the other patterns that Choi felt important enough to include. Others, namely the TAGB, choose not to as they thought the choice was made for political reasons, contrary to the original ideals of TaeKwonDo's creation.

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