Two Step Sparring (Ibo Matsoki)

To begin, face each other in parallel ready stance, a walking stance apart. The attacker then takes their right leg back into R L-stance/guarding block.

Kihaps should be made by both attacker and defender to show readiness before beginning. A kihap should also be made on the counter technique.

For stances in which both legs have equal weight distribution, assume the leg mentioned is nearest the opponent. E.G. With R fixed stance the right leg is the closest to your partner.

No   AttackDefense
1.R walking stance, R high obverse punchL walking stance, L rising block.
Orun gunnan so nopunde baro jirugiWen gunnan so chookyo makgi.
 R middle front kick.R walking stance, X-Fist pressing block.
 Orun kaunde ap chagiOrun gunnan so kyotcha joomuk noollo makgi.
Twin vertical punch (to jaw).
                  Sang sewo makgi.
2.R fixed stance, R side punchR L-stance, L upward palm block.
 Orun gojung so yop jirugiOrun niunja so sonbadak ollyo makgi.
 L turning kick (land in R L-stance).L L-stance, R waist block.
 Wen dollyo chagiWen niunja so hori makgi.
Slide in, reversing stance, R side elbow strike to solar plexus.
                 Orun yop palkup taerigi.
3.R front kickL walking stance, X-fist pressing block.
 Orun ap chagiWen gunnan so kyotcha joomok noollyo makgi.
 L walking stance, twin vertical punch.R walking stance, wedging block.
 Wen gunnan so sang sewo jirugiOrun gunnan so hechyo makgi.
Raise hands as if grabbing opponents head, pulling hands down, R Knee strike.
                  Orun moorup taerigi.
4.R walking stance, obverse flat fingertip thrust,R walking stance, L knifehand rising block.
 Orun gunnan so baro opun sonkut tulgi.Orun gunnan so sonkal chookyo makgi.
 L side kick (spin clockwise with block, land facing away in sitting stance)L L-stance, R inwards palm block.
 Wen yop chagi.Wen niunja so anaero sonbadak makgi.
L Front kick to coccyx, land in L walking, twin upset punch to kidneys.
                  Wen ap chagi, wen gunnan so sang dwijibo jirugi.
5.R reverse side kick,R L-stance, L palm waist block.
 Orun dwit chagi.Orun niunja so sonbadak hori makgi.
 L walking, L high palm strike (to face)L L-stance, R high inward block.
 Wen gunnan so nopunde sonbadak taerigi.Wen niunja so nopunde bakkat palmok anaero makgi.
Slip R leg into R Walking, left hand reverse knifehand strike to the solar plexus.
                  Orun gunnan so wen sonkal dung taerigi.
6.R high turning kickLeft leg back, sitting stance, twin straight forearm block.
 Orun nopunde dollyo chagi.Annun so sang son palmok makgi.
 L walking stance, arc-hand strike (throat grab).R L-stance, L palm hooking block.
 Wen gunnan so bandalson taerigi.Orun niunja so sonbadak golcho makgi.
L side kick to ribs, pulling on opponents arm.
                  Wen yop chagi.
7.R fixed stance, R Side fist side strikeL L-stance, twin forearm block.
 Orun gojong so yop joomok yop taerigi.Wen niunja so sang palmok makgi.
 L mid-section reverse turning kick.Slide into R L-stance, knifehand guarding block (evading kick).
 Wen kaunde bandae dollyo changi.Orun niunja so sonkal daebi makgi.
R high reverse turning kick.
8.R middle side kickR L-stance, L inner forearm inwards moving waist block.
 Orun kaunde yop chagi.Orun niunja so an palmok anaero hori makgi.
 (Drop spent kicking leg, spin anti-clockwise)
R L-stance L knife-hand strike.
Cross the left leg over the right, step back into R L-stance, knife-hand guarding block.
 Orun niunja so yop sonkal taerigi.Orun niunja so sonkal daebi makgi.
(Jump in) L X-stance, L backfist strike to back of head.
                  Wen kyotcha so dung joomok taerigi.


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