Sparring (Matsoki)

The phrase 'sparring' in TaeKwonDo covers different types of practical implementation of techniques already learnt. These are separated into the following headings:

Three Step (Sambo Matsoki) is designed for the beginner to learn and implement the basic techniques in a more realistic envirmonment. It is designed to teach focus, distance and timing (FDT).

Two Step (Ibo Matsoki) is used by the intermediate student to learn more advanced techniques whilst implementing FDT with varied attacks.

One step (Ilbo Matsoki) is the most realistic form of sparring encountered so far. The defender must learn fast reflexes in order to successfully deflect and counter the attacks. This type is completely different to free sparring as 'real life' techniques are used, I.E. take-downs, joint locks and breaking techniques etc.

Three Step Semi-free (Ban Jayoo Matsoki) is used a bridge between Set and Free Sparring. While still retaining three steps, the exercise is advanced through the grades until it almost resembles free sparring.

One For One, also called One Blow can be used to train stamina between intermediate and advanced students. Both students start in fighting position and when the command is given, one student will start with one technique which is blocked by the other. As soon as this technique is over, the opponent attacks immediately, and so on.

Free Sparring (Jayoo Matsoki) is the implementation of TaeKwonDo training for sport. Different techniques score different points. Stamina and control are needed as the student gain faster reactions and learns new drills.


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