Three Step Semi-free (Ban Jayoo Matsoki)

To begin, face each other in parallel ready stance, a walking stance apart. The attacker then takes either leg back into L-stance and a forearm guarding block.

Kihaps should be made by both attacker and defender to show readiness before beginning. A kihap should also be made by the defending student on their counter technique of each set.


The attacker executes a Front Kick from the back leg and places the kicking leg forward. They then execute a Side Kick, then a Turning Kick in the same manner.

The defender steps back and blocks each kick, then executes a Reverse Punch as a counter.


The attacker steps forward three times executing any of the following kicks: Front Kick, Side Kick, Turning Kick, Back (Reverse Side) Kick. They can be made in any order, as long as the three steps are observed.

The defender blocks as before and executes any one counter attack.


The attacker steps forward as before and executes any kick or hand technique on each step. This can not include jump techniques.

The defender counters with any number of techniques including jump kicks.


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