One Step Sparring (Ilbo Matsoki)

To begin, face each other in parallel ready stance, one walking stance apart.

Kihaps should be made by both attacker and defender to show readiness before beginning. A kihap should also be made on the final counter technique.

There are two sets of One Step Sparring, the first, Basic, is practiced at 3rd Kup, the second, Advanced, is for the 2nd gradings and above.

To attack, the chosen student steps forward with the right leg to form a right Walking Stance and executes a Right Middle Punch.


It is recommended to use a simple one block/counter defense technique for One-Step Basic. An example could be to take the last block and counter from any of the Three-Step Sparring.


This incorporates the same attack as Basic, but students are expected to demonstrate more advanced techniques incorporating multiple counters. For example, consecutive or jump spinning kicks, multiple hand or leg strikes, back or side shifting to avoid the attack or locks and restraints. Take down techniques can not be used until Black Belt level.


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